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1:All kind of hair removal on body (hair on face, around lip area, beard, underarm, hair on arms, legs, breast and bikini area)

2:laser skin rejuvenation

Technical specification:

Laser type: diode laser

Wavelength: 810nm

Operate panel: 8inch colorful touch screen;

Spot size of handpiece: 9*11mm

Delivery mode: direct sapphire coupling

Actual Input Power: 1200W

Fast mode (FHR):

Power density: 5-10J/cm2 adjustable

Repetition frequency: 10Hz

Professional mode (HR):

Power density: 6-50J/cm2 adjustable by fixed pulse width range

Repetition frequency: 1-5Hz adjustable by fixed pulse width range

Pulse width: 80-200ms adjustable

Cooling way: water circulation system +semiconductor cooling

Cooling level: sapphire instant cooling and skin surface lows to 0-5 degree

External dimensions: 54*42*28cm

Net Weight: 20kgs