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Magia3 cryo vacuum+rf face+rf body

One machine collects multifunctional solution to skin problems, it can perform body slimming, fat reduction, face/skin lifting and tightenning, wrinkles removal especially fine lines removal including forehead, around eyes, around mouth, cheek and around ears;
Technical specification:
For Cryolipolysis vacuum:
1.Screen of handle: 2.7 inch digital controlling meter
2: Working mode: pulse output (Vacuum handle+cryolipolysis+blue light)
3: Cooling output temperature: +5℃~-15℃degree
For rf face:
1: Radio frequency: 5Mhz
2:Working mode: continuous and pulse adjustable
3: Input power: ≤500W
4: Spot size: 4 polar face handle(single tip) Φ6mm   5Mhz
For rf body:
1: Radio frequency: 0.5Mhz
2: Working mode: continuous and pulse adjustable
3: Input power:  ≤500W
4: Spot size: 4 polar body handle (single tip) Φ10mm  0.5Mhz
For Main machine:
1. Display screen: large 8 inch color touch screen
2. Power supply: AC110V/10A/ 60Hz, AC220V/5A/50Hz
3. Size: 25cm×40cm×98cm
4: N.W.:30kg