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Professional Skin Cooling Machine

Model: DY-PSC


The professional skin cooling machine is specially for cooling skin before, during and after using of non-invasive laser or ipl  treatment;


1.      It can produce continuous cooling wind to target tissue to minimize pain and thermal injury during laser and ipl treamtent, provide temporary relief for cosmetic injections;

2.      Wind speed (cold air) and cooling time can be adjusted on screen according to patient’s comfort;

3.      The cooling level can be up to -20 degree, so in actual therapy laser or ipl can use high power to perform high efficient and fast treatment;

       4. Use large 8 inch touch screen to indicate all treatment parameters , Fexible to operate, no consumables or additional costs , fashionable, economic and professional

Operating screen:

welcome interface                                                        work interface

Technical data:

Display: 8 inch touch screen

Treatment tube: small treatment tubeΦ12mm (diameter)

                             Large treatment tubeΦ20mm

Wind speed (cold air): 1-5 level (adjustable)

Working time: 0-60minuties (adjustable)

Cooling level: -20 degree

Power Input: 1KW

Weight: 65kg

Power supply: AC220V 50Hz / AC110V 60Hz