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Magia-II cryo vacuum+cavitation+rf




1. Frequency: 40KHz

 2. Output power: 100Watts Φ50mm (one handle)


4-Polar RF

 1. Range of radio frequency:  1MHz

 2. RF output mode: Continuous and pulse adjustable

 3. Input power: ≤500W

 4. Spot size of handle: 4 polar face handle(single tip) Φ6mm 


Cryolipolysis Vacuum:

1.       screen of handle:2.7'' 

2.       working mode:Pulse mode

3.       Vacuum:80kPa—10kPa

4.       Cooling device output pressure :0-100Kpa

5.       Cooling device output temperature: +5℃~-15℃degree

6.       Infrared laser: Blue light working together into Crylipolysis Vacuum handle


 Main machine

1. Display screen: 8 inch color touch screen

 2. Power supply: AC110V/10A/ 60Hz, AC220V/5A/50Hz

3. Whole machine Size: 155cm×46m×52cm

4. N.W: 45 kgs

5. Package: wooden package


working environment

1)Operating tempreture:10°C—30°C;

2)the storage temperature:0—50°C

3)Relative humidity:≤70%

4)Atmospheric pressure:860hPa~1060hPa;

5)working environment:Avoid Direct light;Avoid the environment with strong magnetic fied;

6)Announcement: 1、if the indoor temperature is too low, or equipment hasn’t been used for several days,             make sure the temperature of host machine is more 10 ° C, then could start the machine.

                                             2. the machine should not be used in humid environments.