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1. Fast Skin rejuvenation: fine wrinkles around eyes, forehead, lip, neck removal, skin tightening to improves flexibility and tone of skin pigments, skin whitening, pore shrinking, change large hair pores;
2. Fast Hair removal for whole body including tanned skin, remove hair from face, upper lip, chin, neck, chest, arms, legs and bikinis area;
3. Acne removal: improve the situation of oily skin; kill acne bacilli;

4. Vascular lesions ( telangiectasis) removal for whole body;

5. Pigmentation removal including freckles, ago spots, sun spots, cafe spots etc;

Technical specification:

Standard HR/SR mode:

IPL power: 0-50J/cm2

Wavelength: 560nm-1200nm light &RF output (standard)
            695nm-1200nm light & RF output (standard)

            430nm/480nm/530nm/585nm/690nm (optional)

Spot size: 10*34mm, 10*45mm

Pulse number: 1-6pcs

Pulse width: 1-10ms

Pulse delay: 5-100ms

Discharge time: 1-3s

RF power: 0-50J/cm2

RF output time: 0.5-2.0s

SHR/SSR mode:

IPL power: 0-50J/cm2

Pulse number: 1pcs (fixed)

Pulse width: 1-10ms

Frequency: 1-5Hz

RF power: 0-50J/cm2

For Main machine:
     Screen Display: large 10.4 inch colorful touch screen
     Cooling system: water refrigeration + large radiator + semi-conductor cooling+air cooling
     Physical Dimensions:36×40×115cm

Net weight:45 kgs