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This equipment is combined the functions of ultracavitation + 4 Polar RF, it has the following therapy functions:

 1.stroys concentrated adiposity (fat cells)
2.Improves cell metabolism
3. Tightens the skin
4. Forehead wrinkle removal
5. Face lifting (Skin rejuvenation) on face and neck
6. Breast lifting
7. Skin lifting around eyes
8. Shape back contour
9. Shape belly contour
10. Improve skin elasticity
11. Improve conditions of flaccid skin
12. Skin-metabolism improving
13. Pregnancy line restoring

Technical specification:                                                                                               


 1. Frequency: 40KHz
        2.Output power: 100Watts Φ50mm (one handle)


4 Polar RF
 1. Range of radio frequency: 0.5Mhz and 5MHz

 2. RF output mode: Continuous and pulse adjustable

 3. Input power: ≤500W
   4.Spot size of handle: 4 polar face handle(single tip) Φ6mm   5Mhz
                                           4 polar body handle(single tip) Φ10mm  0.5Mhz

Main machine
 1. Display screen: 8 inch color touch screen
 2. Power supply: AC110V/10A/ 60Hz, AC220V/5A/50Hz
 3. Size: 50cm×35cm×30cm
 4. N.W: 15 kgs