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1. Soften and dispel hard fat for whole body
2. Cellulites reduction
3. weight loss
4. Body shaping

1. Digital control system makes output energy stable, uniform and accurate;
2. Design with 7 inch color touch screen operating interface, convenient and easy to operate and use
3. Two spot size of treatment handles for particular treatment on the body
4. Treatment with non- invasive, will not affect daily life and work
5. No need for anesthetics or trauma, No downtime, No side effect and little or no pain completely
6. Obvious treatment, and long-lasting effect, no rebound

1. Display:8 inch color touch screen
2. Treatment handle & working frequency:
One small handle with Φ50mm 36KHz
One large handle with Φ60mm 33KHz
3. Output power: 100W
4. Dimension:43×42×31cm
5. Net weight: 13 kgs
6. Power supply: AC110V/10A/ 60Hz, AC220V/5A/50Hz